Volunteers Wanted – Bretforton Community Shop Needs You!

Bretforton Community Shop is OUR shop, and we rely on volunteers from the village and surrounding areas, to work alongside our Community Shop Manager, Amber, to help make our shop a big success, an asset and a much needed amenity for our village. 

We already have a great team of people who are putting in a shift at the shop in the shop and find it really enjoyable.  However we could always do with more. So if you’d like to help, and you haven’t already let us know, please get in touch via email or phone below; or just call into the shop.

The more people get involved, the greater the benefits will be for all of us. For example, we’ll be able to sell products more cheaply because our overheads will be lower, and we’ll be able to maintain the long opening hours of our Shop that suits more of our customers, particularly those who work away from the village.

Before we opened, we heard from the many Community Shops we’ve visited, that volunteering to work in the Shop is an extremely rewarding and fun experience. Now we've been open for some time, the feedback from our own volunteers has confirmed this. Many have signed up to cover additional shifts or stepped in at short notice when we needed an extra pair of hands.

Volunteering can also be valuable if you’re looking for work – for example, if you’re currently unemployed or a school leaver wanting to build up skills and work experience. So do speak to us if you are at all interested. We’re also looking for volunteers in other areas – cleaning, shelf stacking, transport etc. – so if you’d like to help, but would rather not to serve in the Shop, please get in touch too. We need you!

Please contact us:
email info@bretshop.org  or call the shop on 01386 833616.